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Gary - finally got some snow and I LOVE the backup buddy.. It sweet!
Sean H - Michigan

Got it. Looks good.
Found you using Google. Bought yours because it is alot more solid than the plastic stuff on the market.
Andy L - Wisconsin

Durability A+


So, I smashed my backup Buddy into an Ice pile that was still there from December, so needless to say it was really solid. Totally bone headed on my part. Going to fast in reverse, no traction, BAM! Shook the whole truck. First thing I jump out and look at the BUDDY and OH !#$%. Blew it up. Cussed myself, took it off and continued on the job. Got back to shop later to survey the damage. Bent it a bit, blew the LED into the body and filled it with snow. Figured its done, but maybe I can put it back together.
Cleaned out the snow and dried everything out, took it out an plugged it in and Holy @#$% it still works! Beat it with a hammer back into shape (may not work every time) popped the LED back in with the Gasket, and It's fine! I'm impressed. Not that you'll get away with doing something that dumb every time, but the thing is built well enough to get beat by the ice pile, the hammer, and me, and it's working fine. Good stuff.

That is what I call service! I saw it advertised on the outdoor channel on a utv like my Rhino. I put this one on my truck today and I got a welcome surprise...I only thought it worked from the switch....what a nice surprise when I went to back up tonight! Gary, I am VP and SW Regional Director for Unified sportsman of Pa. We boast the largest individual membership sportsman's group in Pa. If you would be interested buying an AD spot in our quarterly newsletter your product would reach several thousand sportsman directly. You could reference me as a satisfied customer etc.
Thanks again for the follow up


I received the replacement unit and it works great, thank you. I deer/turkey hunt on an island in the middle of the Mississippi river and this will make backing up a 24' boat in the pitch black a little easier. Not to mention using the utility function for late nights after a successful hunt! You have been a pleasure to work with. I will be mailing the old unit back to you by the end of the week.

Again thank you


Gary, Just received my LED light today. Have to wait to install because of the crappy rain today. I have to say, pictures do not do this justice. The quality on this item is incredible. Looking forward to putting it to use.




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